Councilman Chris Anderson represents Council District 7. There are around 18,000 residents in the district and he is actively working for them each and every day. Hear it from Chris himself:

I have lived in the Chattanooga area my entire life, and am now fortunate enough to represent the urban core of my city. Each and every day, I get to go to work for the people in our community to help make this city a better place. During my first four years on the City Council, I have had the honor of chairing the committee on Economic and Community Development--responsible for advancing intelligent growth and community improvements all over our city. New businesses and industries are arriving at a faster pace than anyone expected. I can say with absolute confidence that Chattanooga has great things ahead of it.

At an early age, I learned the value of hard work and the importance of serving my community. I had the opportunity to support a number of strong leaders at the local, state, and national level. From people like Phil Bredesen and Harold Ford, Jr. to Al Gore and Andy Berke, I’ve seen the best side of government and public service. There are many things that local government can and should do. That’s why I believe that this city still has it’s best days ahead.

I’ve been on the ground floor of Chattanooga’s urban growth, running a small business and managing over 150 employees. My past experience includes working with inspiring young people in our community to beautify our neighborhoods and provide meaningful experiences. I’m the Immediate Past Chair (3 years of service) of the Chattanooga-Hamilton County Regional Health Council, helping make this city a healthier place to live. I was previously an appointed member of the City of Chattanooga Board of Sign Appeals; I’ve seen how planning and regulated growth can keep our city prosperous and beautiful. Elected by the voters of District 10, I represent Chattanooga to the Tennessee Democratic Party as an Executive Committeeman, responsible for growing a more progressive Tennessee. My home is in Jefferson Heights with my dogs Jackson and Jefferson.

I know that the work we're doing is both important and urgently needed. We're working toward building something great right here in Chattanooga. Together, we can make that happen!