Chris believes that all people in all neighborhoods deserve public servants who will stand up for them. That’s why Chris led the fight to make sure that roads are paved in every neighborhood he represents, parks are created and maintained regardless which community they serve, and all citizens receive the services they need to thrive in our city.

Chris is a passionate advocate for his district. Chris worked to bring better services and more programs to downtown and the Southside. Chris pushed to secure better pay for our police and firefighters. Chris led the charge for equality and laws that protect all city employees from discrimination. Chris stood up to developers to conserve Hawkins Ridge forever as public land for all to enjoy. Chris is fighting for us.

Chris has brought more public investment to District 7 than any other council district—new parks in Alton Park, a renovation for East Lake Park, and a scheduled renovation for Miller Park downtown. Additionally, Chris sponsored and passed more legislation than every other councilmember combined. He paved the way for Uber and Lyft, protected consumers from predatory towing companies, and helped form the Downtown Amplified Music District to protect local music and the arts. Chris delivers on his promises for District 7.